How Do Inherited IRAs Work?

“When someone dies with money left in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), the funds can get passed on to the person’s loved ones through an inherited IRA.”

What If Estate Is Beneficiary of an IRA?

“It may sound like it makes sense, and it might be easier than picking a person (or two) to name, however there are some serious downsides to naming your estate as the beneficiary for your IRA.”

Some Estate Planning Blunders by Celebrities in 2019

“The sad reality is that many of us have not taken the time to execute a will or develop an estate plan. The estates of individuals who die without properly drafted and executed wills are distributed in accordance with the law of the states in which they reside at death.”

Financial Considerations Before Marrying Again

“Many older clients faced with choices regarding late blooming relationships—whether from death or divorce—are confronted with a decision. Should they remarry or should they continue the new relationship without marriage?”

What Do I Do After My Spouse Has Passed?

“In many relationships, it’s common for one spouse to play money manager and the other to take a more passive role. However, this can lead to major complications when the financially dominant partner dies first.”

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