When Do I Need to Review Will?

“Whether you drew up a will recently or years ago, keep in mind it’s generally not something you can set and forget.”

What Planning Should I Do in My 50s?

“If you are one of the many people who start getting serious about their finances as they reach their 50s, enjoy this guide for your next steps.”

Can I Avoid Taxes when I Inherit?

“Unless you spend your winters in Aspen and your summers in the Hamptons, you probably don’t have to worry about paying federal estate taxes on an inheritance. In 2021, the federal estate tax doesn’t kick in, unless an estate exceeds $11.7 million. The Biden administration has proposed lowering the exemption, but even that proposal wouldn’t affect estates valued at less than about $6 million.”

What to Do with an Inherited IRA?

“Some inherited assets are tax-friendly, but under new rules, others come with a hefty tax bill. We help you get the most out of a legacy.”

Are Roth IRAs Smart for Estate Planning?

With President Biden’s proposed tax increases, it is wise to leverage Roth conversions and other strategies while tax rates are historically low—and the original Secure Act of 2019 made Roth IRAs particularly valuable for estate planning. Roth Conversions and Low Tax Rates. Though tax rates for some individuals may increase under the Biden tax proposals, […]

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