What is a Life Estate?

“Chances are, your home is full to the brim with cherished memories of family and friends. But, as you get older, you may start wondering what exactly will happen to your home when you pass away. Fortunately, a life estate can take away the uncertainty of this thought by legally assigning an heir to receive your property without interference from court proceedings.”

How Important Is It to have Long-Term Care Insurance?

“Political instability, rampant inflation and the specter of recession are looming threats to our clients’ financial future, which directly impacts their ability to take care of themselves at a point in their lives when they are likely to need care or other age-related services.”

Do I Need All Insurance after 65?

“Retirement is when everything changes. Seniors may end up with new schedules, new hobbies, and even new homes. In the midst of all these exciting changes, don’t overlook the mundane: your insurance coverage.”

Financial Considerations Before Marrying Again

“Many older clients faced with choices regarding late blooming relationships—whether from death or divorce—are confronted with a decision. Should they remarry or should they continue the new relationship without marriage?”

Are You Prepared to Age in Place?

“‘Aging in place’ is what most of us want—to stay home in our comfortable environment as we age and receive care in the home when needed, rather than moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility.”

Can the Golden Girls Model Work for Families?

“When a daughter travels great distances to assure her mother is well or a son visits so often with his father that each of them figures it might be easier if they simply joined households, it might be time to begin to question whether a joint living arrangement might make sense for everyone.”

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