Why Does Everyone Need an Estate Plan?

“Accidents happen. Illnesses can strike anyone unexpectedly. So, take a moment to get a few basic estate planning tasks out of the way. You—and the people you love—will be glad you did.”

How Do Inherited IRAs Work?

“When someone dies with money left in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), the funds can get passed on to the person’s loved ones through an inherited IRA.”

What If Estate Is Beneficiary of an IRA?

“It may sound like it makes sense, and it might be easier than picking a person (or two) to name, however there are some serious downsides to naming your estate as the beneficiary for your IRA.”

Why Do Siblings Fight after Death of a Parent?

“There is no legal requirement that anyone give anyone else money or property when they pass. The law says that as long as you understand what you’re doing, you can give your assets to anyone you feel like giving them to, equal or not.”

How Important Is It to have Long-Term Care Insurance?

“Political instability, rampant inflation and the specter of recession are looming threats to our clients’ financial future, which directly impacts their ability to take care of themselves at a point in their lives when they are likely to need care or other age-related services.”

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