Michigan Business Planning Attorneys

Are you a business owner, or do you have dreams of starting your own business?

It’s important to do things right, both in starting your business and planning for the future.

Do I need a Business Planning Attorney?

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. 

You’re responsible for everything from managing employees to keeping up with the latest regulations. While you’re an expert in your field, navigating the legal landscape can be challenging. That’s where we come in.

We can help you:

Start a new business: Helping with the formation of your business, including choosing the right business structure and drafting necessary documents.

Expanding or restructuring your business: We can navigate the legal aspects of growth and change, such as drafting contracts, reviewing leases, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Plan for the future: We can help with succession planning and other long-term strategies to ensure the continued success of your business.

Wouldn’t you love knowing your business is legally sound, protected, and positioned for success?

Essential Legal Tools for Your Business

We make sure your business is protected by using the right legal tools.

Start and Stop your Business on the Right Foot

Entrepreneurs and business owners often don’t know where to start when it comes to building and planning for what happens with their business down the road. That’s understandable.

Business owners wear many hats, but a lawyer does not need to be one of them.

We can help you decide what type of business works best for you.

Maybe you should be a solo practitioner. Or, maybe there are benefits to creating a corporation. We’ll listen to your story and help you decide what works!

Our relationship doesn’t stop there. We want your business to go the distance.

Because one day, you will no longer be running the business – sometimes by choice, sometimes not. Sadly, many business owners don’t have a plan for when that time comes.

We will help you decide what the future should look like for your business. Sometimes that means we’ll include your business in a trust. Other times that means writing an operating agreement or a buy-sell agreement.

Together we’ll discuss all the options and put the best plan in place for you and your business.

Contact us at (989) 567-2100 or click here to get started today.

Your business should go the distance.

Secure the future of your business

Succession Planning for Businesses

Have you considered what would happen to your business if you died or became disabled? 

Businesses are complex, so there’s not always a simple answer. 

If you have partners, sometimes the business will go to them. It’s possible your children may want to carry on the business. Or, without a plan, the business may simply be sold or closed down. 

If you want more control over the future of the business you have put so much time into building, then you need to consider succession planning. From solo to corporate, we can guide you

Make a plan for the unexpected. Don’t let death, separation from business partners, disability, or other crises, ruin what you’ve built. Contact us at (989) 567-2100 to get started today.

Owning a Business can be Risky.

A major business disruption can happen with little to no notice. Not having a plan can be disastrous.

From creating the right structure for your type of business to planning for the long haul, we’ll help protect your business so you can do what you love.

We’ll look at what type of business you have, talk about your plans for the future, and discuss what you need right now.

Every business has unique risks. We’ll make sure you’ve taken all the right steps as a business owner to protect yourself and your business. Contact us to get started today.

Benefits of partnering with a Business Planning Attorney

Smart business owners who put in the work with business planning can expect:

Tax Advantages

We’ll help you set up your business to provide the best possible tax advantages for your needs.

Succession Planning

Protect your business during a crisis. We’ll create a succession plan so your business can keep going even if you are no longer there.

Business Structure

We’ll help you form your business structure to fit your needs as an owner. You may choose to be a solo business or plan to have a building full of employees.

Mitigate Risk

We’ll make sure your business is compliant with current laws. And we’ll ensure that as an owner, you and your personal estate are protected if your business is sued.

The time to plan for your business is now.

It’s human nature to think that we’ll always have time.

The truth is if you don’t get around to it and the unexpected occurs, the impact on your business could be devastating.

Let us help. Contact us at (989) 567-2100 to get started today.

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