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How Is VA’s Backlog of Claims Looking?

“The Veterans Affairs disability claims backlog has dropped by almost 25% in the last four months, indicating that hiring and overtime efforts are making a significant dent in the pending workload, department officials said.”

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Do College Kids Need Estate Planning?

“As a legal adult after attaining the age of 18, your child should have in place several legal documents that will allow you to provide support and obtain information, if something unexpected happens to your child.”

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How Can I Be a Super Executor?

“The wave of people prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic to write their wills is creating yet another wave in estate planning: all the people being asked to one day put those wills into effect.”

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New Rules for Burial at Arlington National Cemetery

“Army officials expect to unveil their final rule changes for burial eligibility at Arlington National Cemetery sometime this fall, after they finish sorting through significant public feedback on plans to restrict which veterans can choose the site as their final resting place.”

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