Did Stevie Ray Vaughan have a Will?

S_ul0024-0176MSN’s recent article entitled “Here's Who Inherited Stevie Ray Vaughan's Money After His Death” says that Stevie Ray Vaughan's impact on rock is immeasurable. Many musicians have paid tribute or cited him as a reference, like John Mayer, Corey Stevens and more.

Vaughan died in a helicopter crash on Aug. 27, 1990. He died with no will or surviving spouse and children. In accordance with state law, his next of kin — his brother Jimmie Vaughan — received control of his estate and assets.

Surprisingly, Vaughan didn't die with as much money as many people might've imagined. His estate totaled just $672,057.56. Given his legendary status in rock music, along with his very successful music career, this sum might seem rather small.

Along with these assets, the helicopter company that owned the helicopter Vaughan died in also paid out a settlement of $300,000 to the Vaughan family.

Some of his assets included stocks and bonds, physical goods like a Chevrolet Caprice, 34 guitars, various speakers and amps, along with royalties from songs.

The Austin Chronicle noted that Vaughan had also accrued $68,850 in debt.

As the beneficiary of the estate, Jimmie Vaughan receives money from all sales of his brother's music. Interestingly, the Vaughan estate is actually making significantly more money with posthumous releases than it did when Vaughan was alive.

As the Phoenix New Times reports, the Vaughan estate, under Jimmie's command, had released multiple posthumous albums a few years after Stevie's death — albums like "The Sky Is Crying," which is a compilation, and "Live at the El Mocambo." "The Sky Is Crying" quickly became Vaughan's best-selling album.

Some critics have questioned if Jimmie Vaughan is taking advantage of his brother's fame for financial gain.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the sibling collaboration album "Family Style" also became a chart topper a mere month after Vaughan's death. It seems that much of Vaughan's discography reached its height of popularity long after the singer passed away. In any event, Stevie Ray Vaughan will continue to be a popular musician among fans for some time to come.

Reference: MSN (Aug. 4, 2022) “Here's Who Inherited Stevie Ray Vaughan's Money After His Death”

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