Could It Be Time to ‘Unretire’?

UnretireMoneyTalksNews’ recent article titled “8 Signs That It’s Time for You to Unretire” says just because a person is 65 or older doesn’t mean they’re ready to stop working. Some people miss their co-workers and the sense of purpose that’s derived from holding a job. The article suggests that if you’re motivated and in good health, returning to work is often a good decision. Let’s look at some signs that it is time to unretire.

Financial trouble. Many people have issues trying to save enough money for retirement. Typically, Social Security benefits don’t give you enough income to keep your lifestyle in retirement. You might want to work a few more years to up your income and gain more time to save money. Every year on the job is one less year that you’ll need to rely on savings during retirement.

You’re a couch potato. A big benefit of going back to work is that it may help your health. Studies say there’s a connection between job satisfaction and good health. Couch potatoes are more likely to get sick.

You’re having difficulty adjusting. This new life without work can be tough. Some people have hobbies in retirement or they travel. However, if you’re bored and unhappy without a work schedule, you might be better off getting back in the workforce.

You’ve lost relationships. No contact with work colleagues can leave you feeling lost and lonely. Research shows that loneliness and feelings of isolation can cause physiological changes that increase the risk of premature death in older persons by 14%.

You totally enjoyed your office. If you were fortunate enough to enjoy what you did for a living, it makes sense that you’d want to go back to the workplace. Some people don’t see how much they like working until they quit.

You want a new beginning in the workplace. Returning to work after you chose to retire can be a challenge. Once you retire, it can be difficult to return, so you must be highly motivated. There may be age discrimination, and if you’ve been retired a year or more, you need to be ready to discuss the “employment gap” on your resume. It may cause potential employers to question your dedication.

You’ve got a fantastic idea for a new business. If you have many years of experience working for others, it may be the time to put it to use for yourself by starting your own business. If you have a really good idea for a business, age shouldn’t matter.

You want to pursue your passion. After you have a secure retirement income from Social Security benefits, investments, or a pension, you have the freedom to take a risk on a passion-driven career.

Reference: MoneyTalksNews (June 23, 2020) “8 Signs That It’s Time for You to Unretire”

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