Empty Nest? Time to Adjust Emotions and Finances

Empty nestYou start a family, you nurture the family and the kids move on to their own lives. It is a challenge in many ways and it is time to make adjustments, according to the Daily Messenger in “John Ninfo: Some advice for empty nesters.”

With one less person in the household, it’s time to re-adjust your budget. Many of your everyday expenses, such as electricity, food and gas, will likely be lower. However, you may have new expenses that are related to your new life. You may spend more on activities that were put off until the kids grew up or find yourself dining out more often. Go slow when it comes to spending money on pricey vacations or fancy dinners. You want to strike a balance between enjoying your new-found freedom and cash flow, as well as keeping retirement savings in mind.

Assuming your cash flow is easier now, it’s time to commit to paying down outstanding debts, especially credit card debt. Reduce any interest or finance charges that you can. You might even think about paying down your mortgage or paying off a high-interest car loan. If you’ve taken on student loans or a home equity loan, now is the time to try to knock those down. At the same time, try to minimize any new spending or borrowing.

Take another look at how your retirement saving is progressing. Will you have enough at your current rate of spending, or should you ramp up your efforts, if you have room in your budget?

Have you thought about downsizing, or decluttering? Even if you are not planning on moving, your home may be filled with things you don’t need or want anymore. Set some time aside to clear out what you don’t need, donate what you can to a local charity or start planning yard sales. You don’t have to tackle this project all at once.  It is possible to donate a few hours each weekend to the task.

When was the last time you updated your will and other estate planning documents? Now is the time to revisit these matters, as well as looking at any long-term care insurance. If you don’t have a long-term policy in place, this is the time to buy it—if you can.

Are you finding yourself with a lot of free time? We don’t often ask ourselves the important questions, like “What matters to me?” and “How do I want to be remembered?” Many people find the answers to those questions in service to others.  

Reference: Daily Messenger (August 26, 2018) “John Ninfo: Some advice for empty nesters”

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